Subway Coupons Are Changing My Diet the Sub Way


Subway Coupons Are Changing My Diet the Sub Way


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Changing My Diet the SubWay

When I graduated college, I realized I had to do something about my weight. The stressful lifestyle of a student had taken its toll and I had gained twice that of the normal “freshman 10-15-20.” In my quest to lose the weight that had been plaguing me over four years, I have scoured diet books, restaurant books, and fast food comparison charts in the search for delicious and healthy fare. Like most people, I do not have unlimited time to carefully pack my daily meals and snacks. Sometimes, my schedule requires the flexibility of eating out. That’s how I figured Subway into my eating plan. Even better, subway coupons make my choices affordable too.

The choices available with using the subway coupons make it easy to create delicious and healthy meals without spending a lot of money. The Black Forest Ham and the Chicken Breast options are especially low in fat and with all the topping options, the sky is the limit! Subway knows that a lot of people are trying to watch their weight these days and they even provide small charts as you order so you know what kinds of selections to make whether you are looking for low fat or low sodium options.

I’m not afraid to admit it: I like being rewarded for my regular visits and subway 5 footlong discounts ensure that I am saving money when I purchase the footlong sandwiches, using subway coupons. For my job as a consultant, I travel extensively and knowing that Subway can be found in most places I go further simplifies my search for healthy food fare.

When talking to my family and friends about the weight I’ve lost so far, I was surprised to learn that many of them didn’t know about the subway 5 footlong discounts that were available. And results speak for themselves! After seeing the weight I’ve lost (15 pounds so far!) both of my sisters and my mother have joined me in our weekly Subway meals.

Now I am on a mission to share with others what I have discovered. Sure, Jared was an inspiration for many of us, but I think it helps to be able to speak with people who have directly benefited from subway’s food choices and saved money with the subway 5 footlong discounts.



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